Advanced English Pronunciation

Wendy Schottman

Advanced English Pronunciation has been designed to meet the needs of foreign language learners with at least upper-intermediate proficiency (CEFR level B2) who want not only to improve their pronunciation, but also to acquire a solid understanding of the rules and rationale of English pronunciation.
University students who are considering a career in teaching as well as practising English teachers who wish to perfect their pronunciation will appreciate the value of this dual objective.

Key Features:
· The twenty recorded lessons with worksheets are suitable for self-study (ideally with a computer) or group work with a teacher (in a language lab).

· Each lesson is designed to last approximately 50 minutes.

. The book is divided into four parts, addressing all major aspects of English pronunciation – rhythm and weak forms, word stress, spelling-pronunciation rules, intonation and linking.

· The characteristic rhythm of English, an important but often neglected aspect of pronunciation, is dealt with right from the start, in the first three lessons.

· Basic work on intonation is integrated into each lesson and then reviewed and expanded upon in the final two lessons.

· Seven different native English speakers from England have been used for the recordings, representing standard, educated varieties of British English as spoken by people whose origins range from Bournemouth on the south coast to Carlisle near the Scottish border.

· An innovative exercise design allows the learner to evaluate his or her knowledge as the exercise is carried out. The learner is able to quickly assess which points he or she must continue to work on as well as which points he or she has mastered.

· The exercises are varied and designed to promote active learning.

· Brief musical interludes consisting of original recordings by clarinet and cello signal the beginning of each exercise.

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ISBN : 9782708013483Publication : octobre 2012Nb. pages : 176Dimensions : 17 x 24 cm,

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